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Scott is an NCCP ISPC Certified, Professional
Figure Skating Coach. Scott's skaters have been
successful in tests from Preliminary to Gold in
Free Skate, Skills and Dance.  Many of his
skaters have competed at Invitational, Sectional,
EOSIC, and Provincial Competitions at the levels
Star 1 to Novice.

Scott is active throughout the year in attending
numerous clinics, sessions and training seminars
to upgrade his professional skills.

Scott is available to coach at the
Nepean Skating
Club Ottawa Ontario, Canada
"Our family has known and worked with Scott for over 5 years now. We have 2 daughters that
currently take dance lessons from Scott on a weekly basis.
Scott has always been an attentive, fun coach to be associated with. As parents you want your
children to have a fun-filled experience during practice time, but also work hard, and with
Scott, each and every time that is accomplished.
Our daughters enjoy their learning from Scott, as well as just spending time with him. He gets
the job done with a high success rate on test days, and continues to make our daughters enjoy
and look forward to each and every lesson they spend with him.
He is always very professional, and is there to listen, and communicate with us, as parents, at
anytime via e-mail, phone or in person - which is very much appreciated.
He is an important coach to our family, and to many other families in the skating community.
We are sincerely grateful that about 5 years ago, Scott took our children on as dance students,
and that they have had many successful and fun times along the way."
-Dionne and Tom
Scott Waddell
Professional Skating Instructor


Contact Information
Adelaide - Canasta
Adelaide - Baby Blues
Angela - Jr Silver Elements
Angela - Keats
Brianne - Paso
Brianne - Kilian
Brianne - Westminster
Brianne - Bronze Interpretive
Brianne - Sr Silver Skills
Caroline - Baby Blues
Caroline - Prelim Freeskate
Caroline - Prelim Elements
Caroline - Fiesta
Diana - Jr Bronze Elements
Emily - Dutch
Emily - Canasta
Emily - Baby Blues
Emily - Prelim Freeskate
Emily - Prelim Elements
Emma - Sr Bronze Elements
Ewan - Fiesta
Ewan - Swing
Ewan - Jr Bronze Skills
Katherine - Paso
Katherine - Kilian
Katherine - Starlight
Katherine - Quickstep
Kira - Canasta
Imre - 14 Step
Isabel - Dutch
Isabel - Canasta
Jordan - 14 Step
Jordan - 10 Fox
Julia - 14 Step
Julia - 10 Fox
Lauren - Dutch
Megan - Willow
Megan - 14 Step
Michelle - Dutch
Michelle - Canasta
Michelle - Baby Blues
Michelle - Prelim Freeskate
Michelle - Prelim Elements
Neha - Preliminary Skills
Neha - Fiesta
Neha - Swing
Rebecca - Willow
Rebecca - 14 Step
Rebecca - Jr Bronze Skills
Stella - Canasta
Stella - Prelim Freeskate
Stella - Prelim Elements
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